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Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist on your Wedding Day

  1. Sit Back & Relax

    As much as you practice on yourself, there is no telling how prepared you will feel on that nerve-racking day. Don’t let shaky hands, pre-wedding jitters, or last-minute blunders ruin your special day. Enjoy the opportunity to relax and be pampered while having a confident professional handle your every need.

  2. Family & Friends

    Focus on spending time with family and friends rather than fussing over your own makeup. With a trial-run well before your special day, rest assured you and your wedding party will look exactly how you envisioned.

  3. Made For You

    Whether you are going for a dramatic look or a natural one, a professional will know; what colors work with your skin tone, what will photograph the best, and how to enhance your best features.

  4. Flawless Choices

    Getting your makeup done professionally doesn’t mean you have to look “made-up.” Whatever look you choose, be confident that you’ll look flawless from the first kiss to the last dance.

  5. Professional Quality

    There is a difference between drugstore makeup and professional makeup, and you will appreciate the variance when a pesky blemish or dark circles appear the morning of your wedding.

  6. Knock Him Off His Feet

    Imagine the confidence you will feel as you walk down the aisle, and knock him off his feet when he sees your model-worthy glow.

  7. Cherish The Memories

    You will be photographed more on your wedding day than any other day of your life! Let you beauty and confidence shine through your photos for years to come!